The best free photo editors for your work

It is not a challenging task to name photo editors of the highest quality and the bets functionality to use at your work. Yet, it might be really complicated to come up with at least one programme which is good enough to be used professionally which is available to users absolutely free of charge.

Of course, if you are working under a particular company, in all likelihood, it is a task for your employer to give you all of the necessary tools for work. yet, if you are a freelancer or have just registered your own one-person company, purchasing a whole photo editor, especially for commercial needs can be rather expensive. For that reason, you might be interested in checking this article which will give you a lot of ideas for amazing programmes to use for free.


Pixlr has a very wide functionality with a huge choice of actions to perform on photos. Many of the functions and options of this app are available in the most expensive photo editors offered to artists for a particular price. The app includes not only basic manipulations with photos, but also more advanced options. One of the most notable features of Pixlr is the fact this app is very good in repetitive actions and it can save them and apply to chosen photos automatically which is definitely great for making your work more efficient.

Note that this app can be installed only on the devices running on Android and iOS, as so far there is no stand-alone desktop version of Pixlr. Yet, you cans till use it on your desktop computer or laptop as the editor can be run directly through your Internet browser.


Fotor is the programme which can be used directly on your internet browser and installed on different platforms such as macOS and Windows. In addition to it, the photo editor can be used on your portable devices if they are running on iOS or Android.

According to the users of this programme, its functionality is sufficient for a variety of typical tasks as well as the less typical tasks which require more creativity. This programme is particularly convenient for such tasks as changing the size of elements, cutting them, correcting colours and removing the background. The instruments designed for improving the appearance of people on the photos are particularly good in Fotor. In addition to it, the programme is equipped into a variety of stickers and other elements used for decorating pictures.


GIMP is one of the most outstanding programmes designed for photo editing which are available to users for free so far. GIMP has a particularly extended collection of instruments for working with photos and images which will allow you to complete all of your major designing tasks without reaching for any pricey photo editors.

Another crucial aspect of the GIMP photo editor is the fact it can be run not only on macOS or Windows but also on the Linux distributions. By the way, this programme is also equipped into an amazing and highly functional file manager which will make your work with various file easier.

Despite its similar name and the fact it was developed specifically for the Windows users, one should not mistake this programme for standard Paint. is a programme with an extended functionality which can be an alternative to many paid programmes. will successfully deal with the majority of tasks including the realisation of more advanced creative ideas.


Snapseed is another advanced photo editor available for free which has been designed for mobile devices. Actually, Snapseed was created by Google itself. This programme will allow you perform complex tasks with editing particular points of the images or make rapid editing of your pictures. It is crucial to note the quality of the design of this app since it is absolutely perfect for working on small screens.

Unfortunately, unlike Pixlr, Snapseed cannot be run on your web browser, so there is no opportunity for using it on your PC so far.


BeFunky is one more app developed for the mobile devices working on such platforms as Android and iOS. In addition to it, you can turn it on your desktop computer or laptop on web browser.

Unlike the majority of the previously discussed apps and programmes, this one has a somewhat simpler functionality, however, you should give it a shot if you are not working on particularly complicated tasks at work.