Paid photo editors worth their price

In the previous article, we have presented a variety of free tools which can be used for editing photos to you. Of course, even though they are free, you still need some time and dedication in order to choose the best one for your work.

There is quite a nice choice of paid photo editors which can satisfy your design needs, however, if you are going to pay money for them, you are certainly interested in choosing the best ones. In order to help you to make the right decision, we have created a list of the best photo editors which are available to designers for a particular price.

Photoshop CC

If you work tasks are particularly advanced or your creativity requires absolute abundance of choices, in all likelihood, you will not find a better option than Photoshop CC which is used for a large variety of tasks starting from photo editing up to creating your own digital art.

It is impossible to mention all of the greatest features of this programmes. Some of the most outstanding ones are an advanced system for managing layers, vast opportunities for customising the interface of the programme, a huge collection of filters and brushes as well as a large set of modes for installing the elements and layers one upon another.

Undeniably, Photoshop CC is absolutely impressive and it will give you absolute freedom for working with your projects. Yet, it is crucial to note this programme is also pricey and in case you are an amateur or are looking for a great tool for basic tasks, the majority of the functions of this programme will not only not be necessary for you, you might just become overwhelmed with their amount. Of course, these things will also come for a certain price, so you should really estimate the scope of your work better.

Photoshop CC can be used on iPads as well as the computers running on macOS and Windows.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Another noteworthy photo editor is undeniably Adobe Lightroom CC which is more focused on photo editing offering its users very advanced features for completing such tasks. With this programme, it is possible to change a whole range of features of your pictures, however, there is one more great aspect of this programme which is making it one of the most popular choices of creative designers. This feature is a particularly convenient cloud gallery of Adobe Lightroom CC allowing designers to manage their collections of photos in a very comfortable way. Needless to say, this will also give you a chance to easily work with your projects on different devices.

The editor of Adobe Lightroom CC can be used on macOS and Windows.

Affinity Photo

According to many experts, Affinity Photo can be a great alternative to Photshop. Even though this programme is also paid, there is a different system for payments which is not based on subscriptions which makes it a cheaper version while the functionality of Affinity Photo is still impressive.

This programme has recently been equipped into highly advanced and state-of-the-art functions such as editing of 3600-degree photos as well as creation of packaged editing of photos. A particularly peculiar feature of this editor is a tone regulation which make sit possible to add a specific dramatic look to any image you are working with.


While Affinity Photo is usually chosen as an alternative programme to Photoshop, Luminar is the most favourite choice of the majority of designers when it comes to the alternative to Lightroom.

The choice of the functions available in Luminar is very close to the one offered by Lightroom including some extra fantastic features which are not available in the product of Adobe. Undeniably, many designers prefer this programme since it allows them to make a one-time purchase rather than monthly subscriptions.

Luminar is available for the devices running on Windows and macOS.