Amazing games for increasing your colour sensitivity for digital design

Designers are working with colours and it is crucial for them to be able to distinguish the smallest discrepancies between shades of the same colour. If you want to bring your skill of colour understanding to an absolutely new level while enjoying a simple game, you should reach out for the games listed in this article.


Kolor is a fascinating game which seems to be extremely simple, however, with levelling up it can become extremely challenging in the way no other games are.

The idea is simple, you are get a set of colour and look for the differences between them. As you can imagine, the colours will become closer and closer to each other, however, as a professional designer, you are supposed to be able to distinguish the discrepancies between them.

Odd One Out

Odd One Out is the game that is also designed with a view to making it possible for designers and other people curious about colours to practice their colour sensitivity.

This game is built in the way that you will be provided with a greed of squares. All of these squares have the same colour except for a single one. As you can imagine, your task will be finding this specific square and the less differences there will be between the colours, the more difficult it will be for you to distinguish it.

Online Color Challenge

Online Color Challenge is a similar game to the ones discussed previously, however, it might be found even more complicated. Actually, the game is pretty challenging as you will get a set of different colours and your task will be putting them into an order according to the parameters. You can use it just for the sake of testing your colour sensitivity or for practising this skill.

RGB Challenge

As a designer, you are certainly aware of the RGB colour representation that is based on a combination of three parameters of colour such as red, green and blue. Even though it is hardly possible to remember all of the combinations even for the most popular colours, professionals working with colour schemes for a long time can understand colours based on their RGB number.

If you want to become thus fluent with colours, you should check the RGB Challenge game which is perfect for exercising.


Another curious game for designers that is perfect for exercising understanding of colours is Brandseen. As you know, well-trained musicians feel sounds so well that they can play the music they have heard somewhere even without a glance at the notes. For those designers, who would like to become really fluent with colours, the developers of Brandseen have created a curious challenge. With this game, you will be asked to recreate the colour of popular brand logos from memory.