Crucial facts about UI/UX design

As we are so accustomed to living in this modern age of technology, it is not quite a surprise how much we rely on technology. From various business ventures to little home business, everything depends so much on the Internet. Having the business up and running on the website requires tons of planning and Proper greetings for the visitors. The more intuitive, interactive and warm your website is the more likely your visitors will visit again.

What is the UI/UX design?

This category falls under the UI/UX design. UI being ‘User Interface’ and UX being ‘User Experience’. User interface is basically all the buttons, input boxes where you type in your name, password and all the information of such a kind. All of those interactive sections are comprised of various components that help you to navigate throughout the website. UX is all about where exactly the button should be put, where all those form elements or input type should be placed.

What is so important about UI/UX design?

The development of modern website and web applications has reached the point when the standards for its quality are set to an extremely high level. Today, it is not enough just to have a website for an online shop. This website has to be designed in a flawless way so that your customers are willing to visit it and will not resign from the things they are interested in purchasing before paying for them.

The UI/UX design comprises attractiveness of a website or a web application with high performance and functionality that will be capable of meeting the expectations of the Internet users.

UI/UX designer jobs

For this, lot of company permanently hires various UI/UX designer with solid foundation on graphical design and of course the UI/UX design to be specific. If you go ahead and look for various job posts on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and other Professional networks, you will find there are plenty of job posts seeking for UI/UX designers with a decent pay.

Tools for the UI/UX design

A UI/UX designer’s primary tool is digital graphical design software meeting their needs. There had always been some already dominating software out there on the market since 1990s. A lot has evolved and lot of them we are all so familiar with even if we may have never used them. For instance, Adobe suite. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in particular.  You are certainly aware of the fact these tools are used not only by Professional designers but also by graphic design enthusiasts and, in all likelihood, you yourself tried at least one of such solutions.

When it comes to one of the most useful tools for the UI/UX designers, it is undeniably Figma.