Starting a graphic design career

Graphic design, since the birth of this term in early 1900s, has evolved into something so creative over time that it has naturally inspired us all to some degree. Even to the non-artists, graphic design in its various forms appeals so much that it actually brings the artistic nature in humans anyway.

Graphic design has evolved to something extraordinary which goes beyond just early handheld tools and printing media.  With the evolution of digital media as well as home and portable computers, things that can be created today are numerous.

Graphic design and graphic designers

A little fun fact about graphic design is, this term alone came in 1908 in a magazine of Organized Labour, the July 4 issue. This might be surprising for the people who have never come across this term outside the digital design.

Yet, the origin of graphic design is as old as human existence. Graphic design is one of the most lucrative and fun induced careers for people who love to pursue creativity and nurture their creative side more than their logical side. This is a vast world of creativity where any messages can be transmitted via graphical content. According to the various source an average salary of a graphic designer comes to about $45,000 to $55,000 in the US on average. While this is mostly if you are working under a company or something, there is always a way to bring some cash via side hustle.

Whether you are newbie or someone who is already in the field, both of you can get some good tips out of this anyway. Now let’s look at some of the graphic designing careers available on the market today.

Jobs for graphic designers

Certainly, if you have decided to become a graphic designer, the most obvious path for you is to become either a graphic designer working for a company or the one who is working as a freelancer. Yet, the market has a way more job offers related to graphic design and you should know them in order to be aware of the career opportunities waiting for you.

One of the most popular career paths for people with the knowledge and skills of graphic design is a user experience designer or a UX designer. A somewhat similar job to this one yet with a different specialisation is a user interface designer or a UI designer. Actually, you might even find this two terms used together.

Another possibility for a graphic designer is to become a creative director which is focusing on the creative vision of a product or an entire project. There are also such popular jobs as art director, product developer, production artist, marketing specialist and animator or a multimedia artists.

No matter which exact path you are going to choose for your graphic design career, you will have a lot of possibilities for growth and you are undeniably up to a very creative profession.