Everything you need to know about Figma

Figma is a new design tool out there not as early as of Adobe but as late as 2016. This is a cloud-based service like one of other popular tools such as Sketch. What makes it more interesting and a way different from other options available on the market is that this is a collaborative tool that people from various companies are using as their primary tool.

Can you get Figma for free?

What is more is that this a free tool to use. Who doesn’t want some free stuff? Well, for the advanced features there is a payment involved, however, using it does not require you to buy the Product, get the ultimate serial key, install and all of those traditional tedious Procedure. You simply go to their official website and create an account, log in and start using their Product right inside your browser without any hassle of downloading the Product and going through various other installation Processes.

If you find it inconvenient, you can still get a piece of Figma’s standalone version that is available for both Windows and Mac. Additionally, you can also have it downloaded on your Android or iOS if that suits you. Still. with the mobile version you are only able to see the design and interact with various limited features available to you for example, with commenting.

Brainstorming with Figma

One of the most useful feature of Figma is Prototyping the design. Let’s say you got to design a website with your team and need to present it to the client. In order to make it easier, you have such a useful feature as brainstorming. This function is working like a whiteboard which can be used by the entire team to come up with basic design planning. People can join in live and comment on each of the parts from different corners of the world.

Building Prototypes with Figma

Next thing, you have another instant tab to choose from called ‘New Design file’. This is where you start working on your design and build Prototypes. What is the Prototype I kept on talking about? There is configurable tab on the right navigation menu. Here you will find the necessary configuration, with which you are able to make connections to different parts of your design which makes it highly interactive even before the website or an app is being developed by the developers.

For instance, let’s say we have a typical form component where a user can log in and we want to direct them to a certain part of the app that greets the user, like a welcome page. You need to connect the log in button to the welcome page. Once the connection is established, you can go ahead and see the fantastic Prototype by pressing the play button on the top right corner of the bar. There, you will be able to see the Prototype in action.

With Prototyping you are also able to make some instant animation, for instance, a pop up dialogue box by a click of a button or something like that.

Other features of Figma

You can add multiple of your teammates inside Figma inside the team Project tab where you are able to communicate with the Project manager.

You have all the typical tools that you need such as pen, frame, move, text, shapes and various other handy quick features. This is one of the greatest tools for a quick design Process with a team or solo.