Curious games to play and practise font design

If you are looking for a way to have a rest after a busy working day or make a break in the middle of the working process in a pleasant and effective way, you should consider playing these games which will be very useful for designers working with the visual aspect of a product.

Kern Type

If you have already worked as graphic designer or a web designer for some time, you might have come across such a term as kerning. This one is used for finding the optimum intervals between letters for two particular types of fonts. Kerning is used with a view to improving the appearance of a text as well as making it more readable.

Actually, the process can be rather monotonous and challenging, however, it is possible to train yourself to become more efficient in kerning. To do it, you will need the Kern Type game. Here, your task will be looking for the right spots for certain letters.

Shape Type

If you are working a lot with fonts and create your own ones, you might be interested in spending some time on Shape Type.

The idea of this game is fixing the mistakes of other designers which made fonts look strange and unattractive. You will be able to use a set of tools for modifying the letters which will help you to understand design even better.

The Bezier Game

Although The Bezier Game, as its name suggests, is a game, it can actually be used as an interactive textbook for vector design. With its help, you will be able to learn the process of building structures with vector tools and create your own fonts as well. Thus, this game can be a nice addition to the previously discussed exercises with fonts.

Shoot the Serif

In case you are looking for a more dynamic game, you might like the one designed as a shooter where you will have to shoot to the fonts of the serif family. This can be particularly useful for the beginning designers and it is certainly a very exciting game.

Pixel Perfect

One more great game which is particular useful for graphic designers and web designers is Pixel Perfect. Playing a couple of levels of this simple game will train your understanding of such a basic measure used in the digital world as pixel. With its help, you will be more and more accurate with your estimation of the sizes of digital objects represented with pixels.