More paid photo editors you should know about

Needless to say, such programmes created for photo editing as Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC are the leaders of the market and they are the most frequent choice of the creators working with particularly advanced projects as well as the amateurs who have already tried all of the functions offered by free programmes as well as cheaper software and now are looking for some state-of-the-art functions.

Yet, in the majority of cases, such functionality is not required and might even overwhelm users. In addition to it, one of the serious downsides of these programmes is not just the high price itself but also the fact they actually cannot be purchased. Indeed one can use them on the basis of subscription.

In case you are looking for cheaper programmes which have a professional quality, you have certainly comes across Luminar and Affinity Photo. Yet, these great products are not the only alternatives. This article will show you more possibilities.

Photoshop Elements

In case you have just started your career in design, you might be unaware of such a nice alternative to Photoshop as Photoshop Elements. This programme is definitely a way more simpler than real Photoshop, however, this can be its positive side since this programme will not require a long time form you for studying all of its functionality. Of course, the price for which it can be purchased is a way more cheaper as well which is also a great aspect of this piece of software.

By the way, this programme is also equipped into functions for creating presentations which might be useful for your work.

Photoshop Elements can be used on your computer if it is working on Windows or macOS. On top of that, there is a great manager for your collection of photos in Photoshop Elements.

PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro used to be another popular programme chosen by designers instead of Photoshop. This programme has been seriously updated and it has a very light and user-friendly interface. Even though this programme is not features with the same functionality offered by Photoshop, still, it can be used successfully for dealing with pretty serious professional tasks.

One of the amazing features of PaintShop Pro is the gigantic choice of formats of images it supports. This includes RAW files as well.

Note that this programme can be run only on Windows.


Acorn is a particularly cheap photo editors with a very impressive variety of basic functions and options for work with pictures. This programme is compatible with macOS, so, if you are using a computer working on this platform, you would certainly choose it over PaintShop Pro.


In case you yourself have no opportunity or probably, no need for paying the expensive subscription to Photoshop CC, although you are working on projects with other people who rely on this programme, you might be willing to get a budget-friendly alternative which will allow you to work on the same images with others. This is possible since Pixelmator can work with the Photoshop files and it can even distinguish the layers used in such files.

In such a case Pixelmator will be your best choice. Other amazing features of this photo editor is a huge choice of functions and filters as well as a nice variety of formats which can be picked for saving your projects.

Pixelmator can be used on the devices running on iOS and macOS.

DxO Photolab

In case you are working with RAW-files a lot, you might be interested in getting a specific editor which will be good in dealing with such files. In the reality DxO Photolab is not just good for such tasks, it is regarded to be the best one available on the market so far. There is a huge choice of functions available for such a types of images in DxO Photolab, so it will be a perfect choice for you regardless of the operating system of your computer as the programme is running on both macOS and Windows.

Still, you should be aware of the fact RAW-files are the specialisation of this programme and it is not used for work with other formats so, if you have to deal with other options, this photo editor will not be enough for you.