Free editors of 3D graphics you can use for your projects

While professional programmes for graphics manipulation tend to be rather expensive, the editors dedicated specifically to working with three-dimensional graphics, animation and effects are particularly pricey. Fortunately, there a couple of programmes designed for working with 3D-graphics which can be used without paying anything.

Check this article for the most advanced 3D-graphics editors available free of charge.

SketchUp Free

Providing you a beginner who wants to learn all of the secrets of 3D-graphics, you should pay your attention to a user-friendly graphics editor SketchUp Free. This programme is running on a web browser and can be used for free.

This programme is absolutely ideal for people who really want to study but have no prior experience. With this editor you can start from simple drawing of basic forms and then add 3D-properties to them. There is also a collection of ready-to-use objects available in the 3D Warehouse library.


If you are searching for a programme which will allow you to create detailed models suitable for final rendering, you might be interested in trying the programme known as Hexagon. It is specialising in 3D-modelling and can be used on the computers running on macOS or Windows.

The programme is compatible with Daz Studio, so you can use a quick import from Daz Studio. There is a large choice of templates of different objects as well as brushes for manual modelling. There is also a special tool used for applying textures on 3D-objects and an instrument known as instant ambient occlusion.

Both Daz Studio and Hexagon are created by the same team of developers with a view to providing artists with a full and free set of instruments needed for work with 3D-graphics.

Daz Studio

If you have looked at the description of Hexagon, you have seen the information about the compatibility with another programme designed for working with 3D-graphics which is Daz Studio.

This particular programme is focusing on customisation and moving 3D objects in the space. With the help of this programme, you will also be able to add animation to your objects. The programme will also make it possible for you to create elements needed for design, worlds and unique characters, however, its functionality is more limited than the functionality of paid programmes. For instance, there is no option for texturing and modelling. Yet, you can use Daz Studio with Hexagon just as their developers meant it to be used so that you are able to get access to all of the necessary functions for successful work with 3D-graphics.

Just like Hexagon, Daz Studio is compatible with macOS and Windows.

ZbrushCoreMini and Sculptris

ZbrushCoreMini is a foundation of the Sculptris programme which is used for digital sculpturing. Both of the programmes were created by Pixologic. Sculptris is a great choice for people who have never worked on digital sculpting, whereas ZBrush is dedicated to more advanced users. These programmes are available to the users of macOS and Windows.


If you are looking for a free tool for working with 3D graphics on Linux, you should pay your attention to Blender, however, the programme will be suitable for people working on Windows and macOS as well.

Blender has an open code and it is constantly being developed allowing its users to solve a number of designing problems such as the creation of animation, rendering, modelling and texturing.

Houdini Apprentice

One more programme for working with 3D graphics which can be used on Linux is Houdini Apprentice. This tool is more focused on visual effects and 3D-animation. This programme is actually frequently used by designers working on the creation of films and TV shows.

Actually, Houdini Apprentice is professional software, however, it has a free version. A great feature of the free version is the fact it will give you access to the entire range of its functions. The only limitation in this case is the fact it cannot be used for commercial purposes.