Great alternatives to paid programmes for working with vector graphics

The current market has several fantastic and powerful programmes for working with vector graphics, for example, the ones of the Adobe series. Needless to say, their possibilities are immense. Yet, such programmes are also rather costly and not everyone can afford them.

Fortunately, there are also other programmes designed for working with vector graphics which can be used absolutely free of charge and they will still satisfy most of your designer needs. This article will present you such programmes so that you will be able to add them to the collection of your creative tools.


Inkscape is a fantastic programme filled with useful features for working with vector graphics. In addition to it, it has a range of amazing unique functions which are not available in other graphics editors. Some of these tools are alpha-mixing, unique markers as well as special tools for object cloning. Additionally, there is a special tool for creating a frame with a variable width.

This programme is particularly useful as it can turn raster graphics into the vector graphics.

Actually, you can use this programme with the files created through Illustrator. Inkscape can be run on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Gravit Designer

In case you need a powerful tool for working with your vector graphic projects, you should pay your attention to Gravit which used to be available on the market under the name of Gravit Designer.

This programme has an abundance of functions which are available completely for free. The scope of tasks you can solve with the help of this single programme is impressive as it can be used for working with presentations, logos, illustrations, interfaces and even animation. In addition to it, this programme is especially useful for work in team and on the go as it has its own cloud storage. Gravit Designer can also be used for working with the projects created through Adobe Illustrator.

Gravit Designer can be used on all of the popular platforms such as Linux, Windows and macOS.

Do not forget to get a free programme for working with SVG files

Providing you are working with scalable graphics, you might also need an editor for SVG files. There are a couple of free options available on the market as well.


BoxySVG can be used directly in your web browser and it can meet the requirements of any developer and designer whether the one is a professional or a beginner. The editor is quite powerful so it can be a perfect alternative to stand-alone programmes. The programme is agile and is featured with a high speed of working which is certainly important for a creative process. In addition to it, it has a very user-friendly interface which is certainly great for comfortable work.

Even though you might find the set of tools the programme is offering a bit modest comparing to the variety of options available in the professional software, you will still be able to use all the necessary functions which are actually enough for successful work. Some of the instruments you can find here are cloning, text, pencils and brushes. In addition to it, the programme supports all of the popular file formats which can be used for exporting ready projects.


SVG-Edits is also a programme perfect for editing simple SVG-files. You can easily use this programme for many tasks instead of Adobe Illustrator.

A crucial feature of this programme is that it is completely built with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 and is not using any additional services for data manipulation. By the way, the code of this programme is open so you can modify it according to your needs without any difficulties.

Actually, SVG-Edit has all of the standard features of editors specialised in vector graphics, yet, the only format it is supporting is SVG.

SVG-Edit is working completely through a web browser.